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  • Ears You Must Use Your Ears!

    "Whilst I have had no formal Ninja training I like to think I’ve got good camera reactions due to good ears". Err what?

    It took me a while to learn this but what you hear whilst looking down the viewfinder can land you a spontaneous pic. Take the image on the left. I set this pic up for a group shot but whilst my back was turned I heard a lot of giggling, spun round took the shot. The bride decided to play “how high can you jump” (they’d had one too many glasses of fizz by now).

  • wedding dvdCreative

    “Tree hugging and garters being removed by teeth is the height of my creative powers”, Taxi please!

    Over the years my style has changed. In the early days I could not resist propping couples up against trees and re creating the reservoir dog struts for men, wow I thought I was ace till I realised every other photographer was doing the same :-(

    The direction I take these days is to get guests to do something as apposed to just starring blankly down the barrel of the lens. This approach goes back to Jan van Eyck an early Netherlandish painter who would paint subjects doing something, the front cover of Oasis’s definitely maybe is inspired directly from Jan van Eyck. When it comes to group photography I ask guests to do something, this may be simply adjusting a cravat, buttoning up a jacket, the result a more engaging pic!

  • photo wedding sessionOrganised

    “It's important to put the fear of God into all wedding guests to get 100% compliance” Excuse me?

    When I’m in the flow with group wedding photography I come across like a sergeant major on too much red bull. Of course I jest but you need a plan to make sure that that (A double that, feel sorry for anyone learning English) one big group shot doesn’t eat into too much photography time.

    Every wedding commission gets a photography plan which you approve so we all know what’s what. Now if I haven’t photographed at your wedding venue fret not (Still waiting for a Kew Gardens booking!). With any new venue I complete a full recce so we know what’s what on the day.

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