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Wedding Photography at Sunburn Hall

This venue has a modest sized private garden for outdoor photography but interior wise the huge modern barn design and tonnes of natural light makes up for any outdoor space restrictions and the occasional whizzing golf ball.

What creative photography options does the Sandburn Hall offer?

Interior: Bagging lots of natural light photography in the main ceremony room is a breeze on the account that one side of the room has floor to ceiling windows. Above the bar there is a crows nest feature which I can still squeeze into to capture aerial vantaged pics.

The rustic structure of the room gives me tonnes of through the peep hole esque pics and the the broad staircase at the entrance perfect for bridal party pics.

Exterior: There is one private garden away from the bunkers and fairways of the golf course. Fortunately they’ve packed a lot of garden features in a modest space including a two seater garden swing, garden archways and rustic benches. All these features means we’ve got a lot to play with but guests need to be hand held to find this little tucked away space.

The bridge which traverses a section of the golf course is a must have location but you can only get photographed here when the golfers have headed home. In my experience that's after 6pm.

Will my stilettos sink into the ground?

No. There's plenty of gravelled paths so your heels and wedding train are safe, even the walk to golf bridge is paved.

If it rains can this venue accommodate indoor photography?

Yes but it's limited. There are no break out rooms but you can fit up to 8 at a time on the staircase.

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