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Parsonage hotel wedding photography

I first started photographing weddings here in 2010, I've photographed both Summer and Winter weddings here. The gardens compared to York City centre wedding venues are huge, well kept and offer a stack of photographic options.

What creative photography options does this venue offer?

The front of the hotel lends its self to great red carpet shots with the stately pasonage as the back drop it all looks good on camera. The rear gardens I like to use just for the Bride and Groom, with lots of intimate garden features there lots of photographic options. The side Italian garden is the smallest but just perfect for family pics.

Interior options mainly include the old house staircase and a side reading room.

Will my stilettos sink into the grass?

Well drained gravel paths traverse the grounds so shoes and dress are safe from any Yorshire mud wanting to leave its mark ;-)

If it rains can this venue accommodate indoor photography?

Yes and No. Yes because the Parsonage offers couples tonnes of space but that tonnes of source is filled with furniture, so if it does rain then furniture has to be stacked out of the way pretty quick.

Can you take big group shots at the Parsonage without using ladders?

No, i've always had to use ladders, the window they say you can take aerial shots from is a bedroom which is invariably occupied!


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