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Fountains Abbey Wedding Photography

884 years ago (885 years ago if you visit this site next year) Bolton Abbey was officially opened for Monk business then no business when Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries a few hundred years later. 500 years later I photographed a wedding here for the first time and in a word “stunning”.

What Creative photography options does Fountains offer?

When you book your wedding at Fountains we get two locations for the price of one: Fountains Hall & Fountains Abbey. Fountains hall looks like it’s been plucked right out of a Jane Austen novel and the the Monastery ruins are truly breath taking.

It’s a major thumbs up from me if you’ve booked Fountains abbey.

Will my stilettos sink into the grass?

Around the Hall no problem but the grounds of the Abbey can get a bit soft if its tipped it down the night before. Your maid of honor will need to help out to ensure your train is kept clear of any monastic puddles.

If it rains can Fountains accommodate indoor photography?

Yes, no problem. When I photograph here I use the first room as you enter the Fountains Hall. But this area is open to the public and last time I was here everyone gets kicked out at 6pm sharp.

Can you take big group shots at Fountains without using ladders?

Thanks to the dramatic stone steps leading up to Fountains Hall big group shots are a breeze, no need to hire a cherry picker ;-)

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